project overview

Cross-border cooperation is essential for the future of nature of the Municipalities of Bobov Dol and Nis and is demonstrated in the project through the creation of opportunities for collaboration, exchange of know-how and best practices. The project’s actions include: educational campaign, exchange of experience and good practices, development of an educational platform, development of a mid-term management plan, interventions for preservation and restoration of ecosystems in the CB area.


The Embrace Nature project answers the major cross-border challenge for nature protection. Although the environment and nature protection are among the most valuable assets, the awareness raising is still necessary. Therefore the project sets plans for education and awareness raising joint initiatives. School campaigns are envisaged in the CB area addressing issues such as biodiversity, nature preservation, sound waste management, recycling, etc., emphasizing the importance of individual contribution. Attractive ICT solutions for nature protection and promotion of environmental awareness, address the identified needs of Bobov Dol and Nis municipalities within the CB area. Capacity building initiatives, exchange of experience, and know-how in the field of sustainable use of natural resources is provided through a roundtable for exchange of experience in the field of sustainable use of natural resources.


The project approach envisages territorially integrated actions for nature protection on CB level in compliance with the specific objectives of Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Bulgaria-Serbia Programme 2014 – 2020. The planned actions are defined as a joint approach for interventions, addressing the preservation and restoration of CBC ecosystems, as well as preservation and improvement of the quality of soils, air and water. In addition to that, a Management plan for Cerjanska Cave Natural Monument will be developed.