Young nature protectors

Students in Bobov Dol and Nis took part in educational campaign, part of the project "Embrace nature"

The lecturers of the project "Embrace nature", co-financed by the European Union, through the CB cooperation program Interreg-IPP Bulgaria-Serbia 2014-2020, gave thematic lectures on biodiversity conservation and responsible waste management in schools in Bobov dol and Nis.

The training campaign starts on June 10, 2022. in the "Nikola Vaptsarov" primary school and the "Hristo Botev" secondary school in Bobov dol. After that, the lecturers went to Serbia - on June 17 at the "Miroslav Antic" primary school and the "Chegar" primary school, and for the final - on June 18. in Stefan Nemanja Primary School and Negosh Primary School.

The children were given specially developed for the purposes of the project, manuals for nature protection. But undoubtedly, the greatest excitement was caused by the questions of the lecturers. For each correct answer, the students received great prizes.

PS "Nikola Vaptsarov"
SS "Hristo Botev"
PS "Chegar"
PS "Stefan Nemanja"
PS Negosh